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Autism Logic

Breaking News: What Vaccines Cause Autism

October 22, 2013

What vaccines cause autism? The latest news regarding autism is that MMR vaccines can cause this terrible health condition. Of course, because of the sensitivity of this particular issue, you won’t hear about it from the media mainstream, but there are reports that the federal government’s vaccine court “kangaroo” style has conceded once again, albeit silently, that the combination of MMR otherwise known as measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, indeed, cause autism.

What Vaccines Cause Autism, the Court Decision

What vaccines cause autism? Have you read the recently published court decision, part of which was hidden from public view, a young boy was awarded thousands of dollars after several studies and diagnoses confirmed that the MMR vaccine which had been introduced in his body caused his autism spectrum disorder. The parents of the boy say the poor kid an encephalopathy right after being vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella.

Encephalopathy, also known as “table injury,” is a compensable adverse reaction to this type of vaccines. This recognized adverse reaction and the one which the kangaroo vaccine court has been previously linked to are certainly difficult to forget. MMR caused the boy’s encephalopathy, which was manifested as a “neuro immunologically mediated dysfunction which comes in the form of ASD and asthma.

The Case Scenario on What Vaccines Cause Autism

What vaccines cause autism? The case is said to have bumped around from one court to another, but the case was eventually heard. Ultimately, the federal government both agreed that encephalopathy had been due to the MMR vaccine. This landmark ruling further confirms what the physicians found out more than fifteen years ago when verifying gut disorders in kids given the MMR vaccine. Of special note in this case is the truth that concession details and documents by the state remain under seal.

The Government’s Role on What Vaccines Cause Autism

What vaccines cause autism? While it is true that the court as well as the government openly conceded that the MMR can have terrible side effects such as encephalitis. Concerned parents everywhere naturally want to safeguard their kids from all forms of injuries and damages. Vaccines are supposed to protect people, but with several reports regarding vaccines that can cause autism, it is certainly important for everybody to research about these drugs well prior to injecting the same into the body.

Autism Detection, What vaccines cause autism

What vaccines cause autism? Autism can be detected during the first three years after the birth of the child. Also, parents have to effectively observe the changes in their kids such as ability to say words or phrases and stages of development. Once your child was not able to pronounce simple words, during his first year, then you should already be very watchful. Nothing changes the truth that there are harmful vaccines out there and these items will only destroy your kid.

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